Benebone Dog Chews

Benebone Dog Chews

In my search for a longer lasting chew I went against my better judgement and tried the Benebone Dog Chew for our 6month old Picard pup who wants to chew on dog houses and everything else.  I reasoned it with it being no worse than actually chewing on the plastic houses when she’s outside.  The Benebone Dog Chew is a Y shaped chew made of strong nylon but does contain real flavoring, each end has ‘bone-end’ shaped knobs.  Genie took to it perfectly, as expected.

I don’t like that the chew is not of food grade ingredients, thus can’t be ingested without the threat of a trip to the vet.  Just make sure to watch your pooches while they take out their gnawing frustrations with this much longer lasting toy.  I have been very pleased with the longevity of this thing vs the edible ones I usually offer that last no time.

Her determination or her chew-force was far greater than I anticipated and I found she had in fact ingested the chew toy when I was looking, as I found it in her stool.  It looked like a flat piece of plastic.  We got real lucky and no adverse effects were seen but I doubt I’ll go against my  gut and give something that can’t be digested.  It just scares me, we may need to check out the natural chews like the antlers or stick with the bones.

The lesson here is don’t let this toy out of your site if you allow your dog to enjoy it, not even for a minute.   This toy is probably better suited for less aggressive chewers.

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A couple days later, even though I scoured the yard, I found this chew in the yard.  I’m guessing someone else got a hold of it and attempted to hide it.  The ends were chewed but no large chunks missing so I’m not sure what the plastic was that I found in our girl’s mess.  However this still reminds us to never leave them alone with chews because stuff does happen.  It had held up better than expected with our heavy chewer.

I’ve edited our ratings to reflect this new found information.


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