Doc Bob Dog Kennel

The Doc Bob brand Dog Kennel carried at Tractor Supply replaced the AKC kennels that were once stocked.  The kennels come in 6 panels, 5 panels and 1 gate.  The full kennel measures 6ft tall, 5ft wide and 10ft long.

A positive feature of this kennel is the lack of chainlink.  This kennel is made with heavy gauge welded wire, 2″x4″ holes.  For the price, you get an eye pleasing secure kennel to use for your pooch.

A downfall of this kennel is the galvanization doesn’t seem to hold up for very long when being used with males.  The urine breaks down the galvanization on the kennel and causes the panel to rust.  I started noticing rust within a few months of use.  I do find the single panels cheap enough to purchase in the future when the rust gets to be too much.

Given the option, I’d still purchase this kennel setup over chainlink.  I’ve sworn off chainlink due to some of my larger crew can bend it easily.

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