Pet First Aid Kit

My handy pet first aid kit is always traveling with me and the critters, especially with unpredictable winter weather.  You never know when things might come in handy or necessary.  There are many first-aid kits you can purchase that are directed towards pets but if you’re like me I like to be frugal and make […]

Boredom Busters

These cold winter months can be painful for all of us. We can’t get outside to play and our dogs are saying a big old “nope” at the front door. To keep away those winter-time blues, keep your pups’ brains active with some mental activities in limited space.

Importance of Dog Dental Care

Let’s talk about the importance of your dog’s dental hygiene. The average adult dog has 42 teeth, we only have 32 teeth (not counting wisdom teeth).  Just like us humans these teeth are very important to everyday life and survival, and just like us our four legged canine companions (& sometimes the feline variety) occasionally […]

Lactose Intolerance for Dogs – Common Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

When it comes to lactose intolerance, it is a common problem for pets to have a negative response to digesting milk and other dairy products. Several affected canines do not have a crucial enzyme, called lactase, which is essential for them to be able to absorb lactose, among the primary sugars in milk. Undigested lactose […]

5 Ways to Calm a Bitch in Heat

When you own a female dog, there are times where the bitch will show mood swings and an unusual behaviour. A bitch in heat is a bitch having to deal with heightened hormone levels that consequently influence how she behaves with and without you. Generally, a bitch in heat is anxious and tends to either […]

PEE-EW… What Stinks?

Occasionally Fido gets into mischief over his head, say for instance checking out a cute black and white striped animal.  This smell will last for DAYS and tends to stick to anything it touches. The old wive’s tales of tomato juice just leave your pooch colored red and the stench remains and masking the odor is […]

Dry Nose! Oh No!

First thing’s first, don’t panic. A dog with a dry nose does not always mean he’s sick, this is just silly a myth. FACT: A dog’s nose is wet on occasion due to the fact that some of their tear glands actually empty into their noses. Reasons why your dog’s nose may be dry: Dehydration – […]

Cold Weather Fun

With cold weather fast approaching we’ll probably start to spend more time indoors, meaning our pooches may get shorter walks and less tiring exercise than during the warmer months.  With all this sitting around, dogs can build up some energy that they need to expel before they tear up the couch of favorite pair of […]

Table Scraps — Safe or Not?

If your house is anything like mine you probably have begging eyes on the floor during dinner time.  The common dog knowledge shared most often today is people food is bad for our companions.  There is some false information in this blanket statement as many people make their own dog food which starts with ‘people […]

The dangers of Rawhide

I’m sure everyone has given their pooch a rawhide bone at least once in their life, I’m just as guilty.  Over the past few years I’ve learned that I’d rather not offer my dogs rawhides for their chewing needs. When you look on the ingredients of a rawhide product it literally just says “Rawhide” + […]

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