The Phenomenon called “Retail Rescue”

In our world today, you mention you’re a breeder or you purchased your purebred pooch from a breeder and horror immediately shows on the face across from you.

You’ve said nothing wrong, you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve only exercised your freedom to choose where your companion came from.  You’ve done your homework to find a happy, healthy dog (or cat etc) from a breeder who will fit, without incident, into your family.

One of the ‘points’ that pro-rescue person will mention may be “why did you spend all that money when you could have saved a life for less?”  What that pro-rescue person fails to realize is that no matter the label, a sale is a sale.  It doesn’t matter if it’s an ‘adoption fee’, ‘purchase price’, or a swap of a ‘donation of X amount’ for a pet, you’re still purchasing.  It’s still a sales transaction.

Rescues are starting to cash in on soft hearted soles with deep pockets. We’re starting to see ‘breeder’ prices on ‘rescues’.  Rescues are also starting to import from other areas, even from over seas, to fill the void of homeless pets.  There are even rescues reportedly breeding to fill the puppy void which is the opposite of what they claim to be against.

Not many states track the importation of dogs for adoption into their states, but those that do, shed some light on the enormity of this issue.

In 2012[1]

  • 7,450 rescue dogs were imported into New Hampshire
  • 15,000 dogs were imported into Connecticut through “rescue channels”
  • 90,000 dogs were received in Colorado
  • 130,000 dogs were received in Virginia

I’m not saying all rescues are out for cold hard cash, but the numbers are a little concerning.  Really makes you think the hype of “overpopulation” is really just hoopla.  Must not be as many homeless pets needing rescuing as they lead you to believe if they have to import to fill the order.  Sounds like a marketing scheme really.

Rescues need to get off their high horse and work beside responsible breeders who also fill a need for responsibly, healthy bred pets.  The price is no one’s business but between buyer and seller, doesn’t matter whether that seller is a rescue or breeder.  Everyone is getting what they want, just by different means.  Don’t feel bad for your choices.

Source: The Phenomenon called “Retail Rescue” | Animal Law Update

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I am a breeder & exhibitor of Rat Terriers & Berger Picards. I started out in rescue, this beginning has given me a clear view of what happens to ill bred dogs. I am still active in rescue when resources permit. I am now entering the entrepreneur world working on self-employment as a boarding kennel owner.

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