Kennel Odor Eliminator (KOE)

Kennel Odor Eliminator, of KOE, is made by Thornell Corporation.  They claim their products are “The One That Works!”.  The company has been in business since 1980, originally established in Penfield, NY but have sense moved their headquarters to Smithville, MO.  Thornell Corp’s particular business revolves around producing odor elimination products. The website says their products are safe Read more!

Doc Bob Dog Kennel

The Doc Bob brand Dog Kennel carried at Tractor Supply replaced the AKC kennels that were once stocked.  The kennels come in 6 panels, 5 panels and 1 gate.  The full kennel measures 6ft tall, 5ft wide and 10ft long. A positive feature of this kennel is the lack of chainlink.  This kennel is made with Read more!