Truth About Meat-Farmed ‘Rescues’

Ready for another topic to piss off the masses?

I recently saw where Victoria Stilwell, a public figure dog trainer, helped to rescue dogs from a dog meat farm in Korea. These dogs were of course living in poor conditions since dogs aren’t on the same level of importance as they are over here, in the states.

She mentions in the video, that is circling, that the dogs are going to the UK and Canada. If you’ve been keeping up with canine news, many imported dogs from situations such as this are bringing in some nasty diseases that our American dogs aren’t vaccinated against or there arent vaccinations available for them.

I’m also seeing videos of purebred, well groomed Golden Retrievers, Daschunds Yorkies, etc being labeled as rescued meat dogs. This is a ploy to pull heart strings. No meat farm is going to farm a small, meatless dog or focus on breeding purebreds. Don’t get pulled into these lies.

Who knows where these dogs are actually coming from? What they’re exposing out pets to? Health certificates are falsified, quarantine isn’t being properly practiced. Heck, parvo & rabies are being sent out in masses because rescues don’t have to follow regulations like breeders are forced to. People want to vilify breeders while rescues are running rampant with little to no regulation.

They do this because it brings in the big bucks. Put your money where it can make a proper difference and don’t support this practice.

Korean dog meat dogs on the way to their new life

Posted by Victoria Stilwell on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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I am a breeder & exhibitor of Rat Terriers & Berger Picards. I started out in rescue, this beginning has given me a clear view of what happens to ill bred dogs. I am still active in rescue when resources permit. I am now entering the entrepreneur world working on self-employment as a boarding kennel owner.

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